What kind of shelf can be used for auto parts warehouse

China is one of the countries with the largest number of cars in the world. In recent years, China's automobile and accessories production enterprises have flourished, bringing new vitality to China's economy. The birth of a finished car will have a lot of parts and components, and the production and storage of these parts will require standardized warehousing and warehouse shelves. So what type of shelf is usually used for auto parts warehouses?

       There are many kinds of automobile fitting products and accessories. Each kind of accessories needs matching shelf matching because of different attributes, quantity, and storage modes. In general, there are racks for auto parts product warehouses, such as beam racks, loft racks, and stack racks. These shelves basically meet the needs of automobile production and the production of products by various suppliers.

Auto parts tire heavy shelves

       The large frame construction of heavy beam shelves makes them an important choice for placing automotive tires. Car tires are generally erected and placed on the crossbeams on each floor of the shelf without the aid of a pallet, and can be stored directly on the shelf. Of course, heavy-duty beam shelves are also one of the storage devices for other auto parts products. These products are packaged in advance in cartons and placed on pallets on each shelf, just like ordinary goods are stored. Since auto parts are relatively delicate things, attention should be paid to details when storing them.