Double deep pallet racking is how kind of storage shelf

22Double deep pallet racks are literally understood, meaning that the depth of such shelves is increased several times, expanding the storage capacity of the general pallet racks. From the perspective of its structure, the double deep shelf is a combination of a single group or each row of pallets, and the middle part is connected with connecting beams and related parts, so that the two rows of pallet shelves are chained together. As a result, the pallet storage capacity will more than double and more goods can be loaded.

In today's heavy-duty pallet rack manufacturing installations, many use this form. After planning the installation area and the specific location, shelf manufacturers have a professional installation team to carry out such installation. Obviously, such practices are also obtained in practice, and also allow double-deep pallet shelves have certain storage benefits. The increase in the effective storage space can intensively utilize the space of the warehouse; facilitate the access operations of the goods on both sides and improve the working efficiency of the storage operations; due to the link between the two rows of shelves, the stability of the shelf in use has also been improved.

But everything has its two sides, and the deep pallet racks have their own shortcomings. Slightly inferior in terms of accessibility, when necessary, double depth type forklifts are required to achieve better results. Since the two rows of shelves are used together, they really need to be moved and disassembled. Special personnel are required to operate.

Double deep shelves use two sets of shelves connected together with connecting rods to allow more heavy-duty racks, especially in limited warehouses. The effective use of area can be rationally designed to achieve good shelves and people and equipment. Compatibility effect. The general pallet shelf can store 2 to 3 pallet positions per storage unit. With the advantage of double depth design, the more shelf layers, the more goods that can be stored. Of course, this is a relative design concept. .