What are the storage shelves for hardware products and metal parts?

222Hardware products include many series of products that have been subdivided. Manufacturers and traders of domestic hardware tools, accessories and hardware precision parts are numerous. The production and circulation of better hardware products require the support of a variety of storage racks that are in compliance with the use. In the manufacturing process, sales circulation, batching, and orderly use of stereoscopic shelves, the need for turnover sorting is facilitated.

All kinds of hardware products have different sizes, shapes, attributes, uses, and industrial adaptability. Temporary on-shelf storage of these products, or regular storage of the warehouse, will require different shelves to be arranged. From the perspective of industry experience, these products use about the shelf. Such as steel laminate medium shelf, beam shelf, loft shelf or platform.

Small pieces of hardware products, metal parts and other products, more suitable for direct placement on the shelf shelves. The shelf shelves in the medium-shelf series are generally three to four layers. Each layer is designed with appropriately placed steel or wooden laminates, and the finished or semi-finished products can be neatly placed. Many products are stored in boxes after being packaged. For small packaged products, shelf-type medium shelves can also be basically used.

For large-sized and mass-produced hardware products, small and medium shelves cannot be used. Such as machinery, building materials, such as hardware products. This is a series of products necessary for the national economy and people's lives. Manufacturers often carry out large-scale production and sales. Placed in stock, these products usually require high-level shelves with large load-bearing capacity and stability. Heavy beam shelves are used more shelf types. According to the specific hardware product warehouse conditions and goods and other conditions designed and used.

In various local projects, many customers are increasingly using loft-style shelves, or they have built a loft platform. This storage model satisfies the comprehensive storage and spare parts integration Storage requirements. Many companies' hardware products may have multiple specifications. Some products are mass-produced, while others are not flagship products. The use of loft-type platform shelves satisfies the needs of different locations on different levels. The combination of shelves and platforms allows different goods to be placed in appropriate places.