Warehouse shelf factory analysis of the number of shelves in the enterprise warehouse

11Warehouse shelf factory analysis of the number of shelves in the enterprise warehouse description With the rapid development of the shelf industry, more and more companies have begun to use storage shelves to solve the problem of insufficient storage of enterprises, after all, storage shelves can make full use of space, improve storage efficiency, optimization Warehouse management, so the application of storage shelves is also inevitable. Because companies are different from those small factories, the demand for storage racks is high-volume. Therefore, the number of storage racks will be counted before the shelves are wholesaled in the enterprise warehouse to avoid buying more or buying less. In this case, how do you know the number of shelves in the enterprise warehouse? The following Wuhan Xiaobian for your specific analysis

Since you want to know the number of shelves in the warehouse, you must first sort out your own needs and the actual environment of the warehouse. After all, the warehouse support columns, doors, fire hydrants, etc. need to set aside a certain distance, will inevitably have a certain impact on the number of shelves . In addition, the arrangement of storage shelves will also affect the number of shelves, after all, the arrangement is different, and its space utilization is different, then the corresponding number of shelves will be different, so the arrangement of storage shelves is also one of the factors that affect the number of shelves.

Nowadays, storage racks are mainly arranged in three types: horizontal, vertical, and oblique. According to the actual situation of the warehouse, the channels can be left on the side or left in the middle. Based on the actual operation requirements, the storage efficiency and picking efficiency are comprehensively considered. . As for the storage shelf access, it is necessary to consider manual access operations or forklift access operations. When accessing the job manually, the channel between storage racks is generally reserved between 80mm and 120mm; when the forklift is accessed, the storage rack channel = the minimum turning radius of the forklift + the front suspension distance of the forklift (distance from the center of the front wheel to the distance between the forks) + cargo Length + safety distance (about 20CM).

Heavy storage shelves Each row of storage shelves has a storage rack channel, forklifts can reach each location, the picking rate is 100%; double depth storage shelves double storage racks are placed side by side, the storage shelf channel is reduced by half, the picking rate is only 50% In order to meet the convenience and safety of operation, the total depth of the one-way (wall-facing area) storage racks is preferably controlled within six tray depths. The central area can pick up goods on both sides.) The total depth of the storage shelf area is preferably controlled within 12 tray depths; the shuttle storage rack is the type of storage shelf after the entry type storage shelf is upgraded, and the total depth of the storage shelf can be 30 tray depths. , safety and convenience can be guaranteed.

The above is an explanation of the number of storage racks in the warehouse of the storage shelf factory, hoping to help everyone. After all, the number of shelves determines how much warehousing space, but also determines how much the company's warehousing costs, so accurate calculation of the number of shelves is everyone should focus on understanding. In addition, if you want to quickly estimate the number of warehouse storage racks can also find professional personnel, professional calculations are more accurate.