A Brief Analysis of the Concept of Scientific and Rational Planning and Selection of Warehouse Shelves

With the continuous development of the shelf industry, there are many types of shelves available today. In addition to the many applications in the warehouse, the supermarket's demand for shelves is also very large. Generally, large-scale shopping malls use rack-backed shelves, back mesh shelves, etc., and the shelves can be connected to one another on both sides. The level can be adjusted according to the size of the merchandise to make the supermarket layout more perfect. Many merchants will first think about where the shelving wholesale market in Shenzhen is when purchasing shelves. Quoting is a very important factor, but it is also necessary to think about the appearance and practicality, as long as the supermarket shelves are the most important.
 Nowadays, there are many factories that manufacture warehouse shelves. When customers purchase, they will inevitably compare products from different factories. They are generally quoted in terms of strength, quality, and service price, but Shenzhen Kuike shelf wholesale company thinks that when purchasing In addition to comparing these, standard plans for shelves should also be noted.
The scientific and reasonable standard planning of the warehouse shelf can save the cost for the customer, improve the space utilization rate, and effectively handle the warehouse. First of all, it is necessary to meet the storage requirements of goods. The demand requires a full understanding of the goods, including data such as shape, size, weight, and demand card board. Then we also have a comprehensive understanding of the warehouse structure and related equipment, including the structure of the warehouse, warehouse area, type of warehouse, warehouse access, total useful height of the warehouse, warehouse column position, warehouse above ground, warehouse fire-fighting facilities, and some other transport equipment The length of the space required must be considered.
 In the end, Shenzhen Kufang Shelf Wholesale Co., Ltd. thought that it would also need to consider how to maximize the use of its own space and add storage space. Because customers are generally determined to buy shelves after the warehouse, the warehouse space is now fixed, in order to effectively reduce the storage shelf costs, the greatest economic performance, how to make the shelf standards fit the principle is the most important.